Full Mental Retard S1E05: Forrest Gumption

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Cody goes back to drinking beer, and talks about being impressed with Nick Fuentes' gift for gab. In new segment idea "Awesometism," we check out an awesome real estate ad in Alberta. We check out a mail bag video where a pornstar predicts our depraved state of sex 20 years ago. Cody talks shit about fat culture in Asia and ruining womens shit to show them the consequences of voting woke. He also shows his ass wiping technique. Ronnie James Dio is featured in today's Saskatune Time. In the School of Faggotry, Cody talks about marriage. Instead of talking about the tranny shooting, Cody focuses on the misgendering outrage of the situation. Once again, Cody hypes up a big 70s bush on women and adds leg and armpit hair to the mix. In Blast from the Pasterior, we check out a classic dating video to determine whether it's fake or real. Lastly, we learn a new way to have fun in public washrooms.

Apr 01st, 2023

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