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Dear Censored

Freddie Mercury is a Proud Gayboy


Dear Censored

Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist Because Driver Has Balls Of Steel” South Africa



Dear Censored

Woman Who Yelled Racist Statements At Latino Cop She Called A Murderer Is College Professor Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins –

“You’re a murderer. I was recording you because you’re a murderer.”

“Can you call your supervisor?”

Cop: “I did.”

“Good because you’re a murderer.”

“You scared me and made me think you’re gonna murder me.”

Cop: “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“It’s not just a feeling, you’re a murderer.”

“I’m perfectly legal and I’m a teacher.”

Cop: “Congratulations.”

“You’re a murderer.”

“You’re threatening to murder me and my son.”

“Here you go Mexican racist. You’re always gonna be a Mexican, you’ll never be white. Ya know that right? You’ll never be white, which is what you really wanna be.”

When you create a culture in which police are the bad guys and “all cops are bastards,” this is how the public reacts. Everything you witnessed was a manifestation of black lives matter lies and rhetoric, and she did it in front of her own son. Imagine what he’s going to grow up and think of the police. This racist woman thinks she’s not a racist because being black absolves her from that, and according to critical race theory it means she can’t be racist towards the Mexican-American police officer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – not one of these people is actually afraid of the police. Not one. If they were then they’d shut up act nervous every time a cop approaches them. But instead they act belligerent and confident, because they know damn well the cops aren’t going to hurt them. As a result they feel empowered to belittle and yell racial slurs at police officers, because no matter how much the cop is offended he or she must react in a professional manner.

The news is not releasing her name, but an unedited clip of the video does reveal her face:

If she were white and said the exact same thing her name and face would be on the front page of the New York Times, but because she has racial privilege she gets anonymity.

We got her name though. Meet Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins.

She’s an adjunct English professor at Los Angeles Southwest College. At least she was – the college has scrubbed her from their online directory.

She made about $100K a year without tenure.

A search for her name on Google shows that she goes by Kali Cross on Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter she has expressed her demands for reparations.

Because taxpayers owe this entitled brat money for something she never experienced.

She has attended critical race theory styled diversity events.

She frequently posts anti-cop BLM propaganda.

She’s also a Karen who tattle tales when she sees a police officer (or anyone) not wearing a mask, while living in a state governed by a man most famous for getting caught at the French Laundry not wearing a mask.

She also recently posted that her son was being abused by his ASD provider, but didn’t want to report it because then DCF would snoop around her house.

That’s normal.

And in the twist that no one saw coming, she has good things to say about former President Trump.

I think one thing is clear from that tweet and her action in that video – this woman HATES Mexicans with a burning passion.

Finally, ten years ago Kalunda was featured in a NBC puff piece about how a non-profit called Dressed For Success helped her land on her feet and get herself a job in academia after she got evicted and her three children ended up homeless.

Kalunda Jenkins is hardly an anomaly. American universities are filled with people like her, brainwashing the next generation of Americans to hate their country, their institutions, and the police. If you insist on sending your kids to one of these 4 year indoctrination camps make sure you tell them to ignore any opinions they hear, get really drunk, have fun, and get out of their with a degree. But the problem is that too many people are coming out of colleges believing what they learned there, and it’s destroying this country from the inside.

When it comes to the progressive steps to combat segregation from the Jim Crow era, I think it’s safe to say that their steps are bringing us back to square one. They believe that blacks should get their own meet ups, campuses, graduations, etc, in the name of equality. Not saying its a good thing or bad thing, but it got me thinking about end games for other progressive ideas.    Academia has been taking a hit lately. They want to abandon showing work and mathematics all together, and you’ve mentioned through your discussions with teachers, that it’s nearly impossible for a kid to fail a class. What is the end goal? To end grading all together?.. At first I laughed at the thought, but then wondered if this progressive act could eventually rewind the clock on education, and we could get back to Jimmy McInnes days where they plucked the smart kid out of the herd for advanced learning and let the other kids play.



Dear Censored,

I’m a ex gang member now born again Christian. I had shitty parents that taught me nothing and because of that, I started looking for things that would help me better my life and got obsessed with personal development . I loved listening to Earl Nightingale and Jim Rohn. They got me to warm up to he Christian philosophy and to notice the wisdom in their teachings. That led me to watching Christian apologetics. After that, I found Q&A sessions where Ben Shapiro would answer hard moral questions. I liked the fact that he stated that all laws have a moral aspect and got me interested in politics. I live in Mexico and heard a while back, when I first started listening to Christian apologetics, that whatever we see in the states, we will see that here in 5 years. Talking about feminism and trans rights and ideologies like that. After that I started looking for like minded people and ran into your rebel videos. I like the way you tie in morality with politics and humor. You do a great job and keep it up!
Wanna fuck you with my heels on, yeah!!


Dear Censored,

Thought this was good, cheers!


Dear Censored,

I had a discussion with my brother and cousins about if technology evolved to extend peoples lives. It would essentially extend the 50-90 ages out to 50-150. So those 40 years would last 100 years.
I said it would suck in general, but mostly for women, whose eggs would still dry up by 40, especially if they didn’t have kids. 
They called me sexist. What do you think?
Also, funny video: 


Dear Censored,

Check out this music video, falls right in your category of “good jams.”


Dear Censored,

I found this hilarious Instagram account wherein a young fellow who also seems to be in his 40’s makes videos detailing all the fun you can have in Canada even in the quietest of towns. Check it out, it seems like it’s right up your alley in a dumb humor/irony type of way.




Video example^


In the episode where you reviewed all the video clips and inside jokes for the show, you had a few clips that you felt you needed to explain such as the “Ain’t nobody got time for that” video which is literally the definition of ancient Aztec traditions. I remember being in high school when that clip went viral in 2010-11 and I’m almost sure it was the first time anything from the internet was dubbed as ‘viral’. Love to fuck you with my heels on and please consider making a shirt that just says “ ILYMTAF “ (I like you more than a friend)

Dear Censored,

Can you PLEASE edit most of the coughing and especially the beer burping out of GOML. It’s more than disgusting, it raises my blood pressure because I start to visualize beating you to a pulp.


Dear Censored,

This would mean ZERO deaths, worth a look


Dear Censored,

My compadre and I have just put this little beauty together. We hope it will prove to be a crucial and funny asset in the fight against the new world order and Bill Gates’s ‘black mass’ vaccination program. It’s a parody of Radiohead’s ‘Nice Dream’ but instead, we sing all about the woes surrounding the ‘vaccine’.  We would love it to do the rounds and go viral, especially with all the freedom movements emerging across the world.
We think it would make the perfect anthem against the ’hell-th’ tyranny we now all face.  Please feel free to post it anywhere you like (Gab TV, Rumble, etc). Full permissions granted (I am the director of the video as well as the guy with the fuzzy hair). It would be an honour if you might consider even playing it on the show (either the music or the full video).
Yours faithfully,

-Vince & Thom

Video download links:
www.weirdmessiah.com – for video preview and download

Dear Censored,

I don’t know what it is but it’s so fuckin funny the way he delivers it 



Dear Censored,

After seeing the captivating Biden/Carter family photo you showed on the program yesterday, I thought this graphic should exist. 

Also, have you checked out the British rap duo Pete & Bas? They are 70ish year old white guys who don’t sound half bad. If you’ve already played them, I must have missed it. 
Pete & Bas: 
Be well and thank you for your service.


Dear Censored,

This article pertains to “69M Sex” episodeAn regular Australian guy pays his wife to have sex with him. What are your thoughts



Dear Censored,

Amazing how the “west” hates itself, but the rest of the world is jealous of our lifestyles and desperately tries to recreated it in their own countries.

Keep on sucking,


Dear Censored,

I know this probably sounds like bullshit which is why I never take the time to email you about it, but since you brought up Andy Ruiz I figured I would! Canelo and Andy literally train next door to my office building in San Diego. I guess they like how discrete it is? I’m not sure how often Ruiz trains there (but he’s definitely there in the video below- the blinds are drawn and the posters of Canelo are on the door, but right outside that is where we park our cars- and Canelo parks his Mercedes and Bugatti and this red Lambo SUV). Canelo, on the other hand, is basically there every day.
I guess it’s really not that big of a deal, but yeah kinda cool. We’re moving across the parking lot so we don’t have to hear them hitting/grunting/blasting Mexican music all day. They are also very inconsiderate parking lot mates. Our VP of operations literally went out there and cussed them out 2 weeks ago because they were doing burnouts in the parking lot- it was insane. I’m not in to boxing so I don’t really care, but yeah just super random. 
Maybe I emailed you about this before when I was drunk, but I really don’t believe I have.
Anyways, like you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

China never fails on how they started many things for the human condition. Pings Lings are nice, with their insect behavior, but add Communism to mix is quite the recipe. 
Type 1:
Here is Chinese Opera that is popular.

Right up there with Abbo stick thing. That one is rough.
At which point will all countries in the world decide that Chicoms are no longer a growth resource? 
Time to join with the Russians and solve this problem.


Dear Censored,

No need to watch this boring shitty video. Just a couple of depraved zombies talking about how having fun is evil and boys cracking jokes is dangerous. 

Please start a massive donation fund to wreak fucking havoc on these media zombies with lawyers. I don’t care if you have no case half the time. I just want them to be as fucking pestered and abused as we are. Everyone watching will donate a shit load of money, myself included. I’ll put down the first $1000


Dear Censored,

I think someone thought of this before. 


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